• Tuesday, July 22, 2014

John Stamos Performs With The Beach Boys This Saturday!

Just announced July 26th via Twitter (@JohnStamos) and Facebook, John Stamos will be in Ocean Grove, New Jersey for this weekend’s Beach Boys concert at the Great Auditorium!

Dating back to 1985, Stamos, who plays a variety of instruments including guitar, bass, keyboard and drums, was invited by the band to drum with them at their 1985 Fourth of July set in Washington D.C. The band was so pleased with his performance (and the 1.5 million fans drawn to the event) that they used him frequently as a touring and (studio) session drummer. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, Stamos began to tour and record with The Beach Boys. After his video debut in the band’s 1988 mega-hit “Kokomo” (video below), they collaborated to produce the single “Forever” which featured Stamos on vocals.

John Stamos' video debut with The Beach Boys; first seen at 0:33!

When The Beach Boys played Ocean Grove last year, the Great Auditorium was packed to capacity. As the crowd shuffled in, Mike Love, vocalist, peered out the backstage window and was quoted saying, “This place is amazing. It’s one of a kind. I love to come out on tour to play places like this. And the fans are so great here. We’ll be back.” Good to his word, The Beach Boys will be back this Saturday, July 19th! Last year, they played over 40 classics spanning well over two hours. Mr. Love went on to say “We can still do it. We’re not going out there to walk through the hits.” To get a preview of what hits The Beach Boy's may play this year, click the following link to see last year's set list: http://bit.ly/1nR77my

With the addition of Mr. Stamos, this year’s Ocean Grove show is sure to top last years! Are you going to see The Beach Boys this weekend? Staying at The Ocean View Inn or The Ocean Plaza? Share your photos and videos with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Use our exclusive hashtag #OceanGrove14 so we too can share your Jersey Shore memories.


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